Winter Solstice Tea Time–find out more

Join us for a Winter Solstice Tea Time Celebration

SUNDAY, DEC. 12, 2021 |  4 PM


The Tea-Time event evolved from our Tuesday morning meditation group. In the spirit of curiosity and exploration, we sit with the purpose of bonding over tasting a cup of special tea and the opportunity to listen and share our thoughts, emotions and experiences to understand the transformation of Seasonal Qi influences.

The next Qi Node begins on the day of the Winter Solstice, December 22, a time when Nature reaches extreme Yin, cold, inactivity and hibernation. This is also the time which signals the initial return of its opposite, Yang.

Our longevity practice teaches us to align with nature and to live according to the influx of Seasonal Qi.  And yet for us, this cold hibernating season is also the time of busy holiday activities with family, friends, travels, excitement and expectations!

What are your thoughts or reflections on this Winter Qi node? How do you balance, compose or nurture yourself in this Solstice of Quietude ?

Please join our Tea Time and relax over a cup of tea with friends and share your reflections!

Our tea selection for the Winter Solstice:
Pu Erh  (first choice), a warming delicious fermented tea from Yunnan, or Oolong. You can purchase the above teas from your local gourmet store or mail order from these premium quality tea shops in Manhattan:    247 Elizabeth St., NYC   298 Grand St., NYC  239 W 72 St., 2nd fl., NYC

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