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A collection of lectures given by Master Ham-King Koo from 1988 to 1997 and transcribed by The Society for Nanlaoshu. The thirty-three lectures offer a rare glimpse into his teachings on the nature of the Nanlaoshu practice and self-cultivation. They describe the methods for cultivation of physical health, mental and emotional peace, and longevity. These selections are primarily concerned with the principles of meditation, taijiquan, breathing, energy transformation, and understanding the heart/mind intention.

About The Author: Born in China in 1905, Master Ham-King Koo devoted his life to acquiring and sharing his knowledge of internal cultivation techniques. He founded The Society for the Research and Application for Nanlaoshu in 1987.

Pages: 174
eBook ISBN: 9798218057145
Language: English
Print edition: ©2012 by Society for Nanlaoshu

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