Summer Retreat


Saturday, July 20 & Sunday, July 21

Happy, hot and wonderful Summer!

Summer is a great time to use the warmth of the weather to help move and open our joints, loosen our body and rest our minds. We are hosting our first Summer Retreat in NYC for those interested in taking some time to replenish with an in-depth Nanlaoshu practice of meditation, Yi Jin Jing and Taiji.

The weekend will be for those who are seasoned practitioners interested in deepening their practices, and for those who are new and interested in learning about the practice. As always, there will be time in between practices to allow us to share our experiences and progress. We do hope that you can join us for our retreat in the city.

RSVP is requested prior to July 14. (RSVP below)

SRAN 2019 Summer "In the City" Retreat Program

July 20, Saturday:

9 am - 12 pm: Morning practice at the Center (22 E. 21st Street, 3rd floor)
12 pm - 2 pm: Lunch break.
2 pm - 5 pm: Afternoon practice and push hands at the Center.
Dinner: TBD (optional)

July 21, Sunday:

9 am - 12 pm: Morning practice at the Center.
Lunch: TBD (optional)

As a part of the community service, SRAN, a nonprofit organization committed to sharing our ancient practice, will provide the retreat practice sessions at no cost (not including meals). Donations will be welcomed.

Summer Retreat 2019 RSVP